Chris Pratt Sci-Fi film ‘The Tomorrow War’ delivered to streamers by Skydance – Dateway

UPDATE 18:05 after previous exclusive: As we told you before, Skydance had to be unloaded The morning war. Tonight, Amazon aggressively offered $ 200 million. The deal is still ongoing. Amazon recently bought Paramount’s Coming 2 America for $ 125 million, which was slated to debut during the year-end vacation corridor, and for Skydance’s Without regrets which should also be released in theaters last fall via Paramount.

EXCLUSIVE, 11:01 am: We’re hearing the Paramount / Skydance Chris Pratt movie The morning war was recently screened to the big streamers over the weekend. I heard that it played very well and that there was a lot of interest in the film. I understand that Skydance is leading the process in selling the film here, not Paramount.

Daria Cercek and Michael Ireland have been officially named Production Co-Presidents for Paramount Pictures

The science fiction film, in which Pratt is also an EP, follows a man who was designed for a future war in which the fate of humanity depends on his ability to grapple with his past. Posted by Zach Dean, The morning war is the original IP and it might make sense to have a streamer launch it as the best course of action, especially since the exhibit is returning later in the year with a strong branded plan. If it were a normal marketplace The morning war, what was tested very well would stick to a theater schedule. The picture was originally planned as a Christmas tent mast and currently has a cinema date on July 23, 2021.

While Paramount has seen a number of his films streamed on the Slate Head; Much of this has to do with film financiers betting on event features they have invested in, and the cinema window during the pandemic does not offer any benefit as 60% of all US and Canadian theaters are closed. IE recently Warner Bros. ‘ Wonder Woman 1984 opened to $ 16.7 million on Christmas weekend, plummeting 67% on the second weekend and another 45% on the third weekend due to a number of factors: poor audience response to the sequel, fear of going to the cinema during the pandemic, several DMAs closed, and the image is also available on WarnerMedia’s new streaming service HBO Max.

Skydance was recently sold Without regrets to Amazon and its upcoming animated images, Banned and Happiness, to Apple. Both were with Paramount.

Skydance and Paramount did not comment when they were reached.

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