Chris Wallace grates to Lindsey Graham on Georgia’s ballot law banning giving water to voters

Fox News presenter Chris Wallace lobbied Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) over Republicans’ willingness to enact voter suppression laws across the country, asking the senator at close range on Sunday how he was it makes sense for Georgia to make it illegal to donate food. and water for citizens who queue for hours to vote.

Last week, Georgia Republicans passed a sweeping bill that imposed a whole new set of voting restrictions, such as new voter ID requirements on mail ballots, on postal ballots, ‘use of the ballot box, granting new powers to the state over county elections and making it criminal to provide voters with food and water, among other measures.

Georgia’s new law, which follows President Joe Biden’s and a Democratic Senate sweep in the previously solidly red state, is of a larger GOP effort to pass voter restriction laws across the country. In February, according to the Brennan Center for Justice, state lawmakers in 43 states proposed more than 250 voter suppression .

Interview Graham on Fox News SundayWallace spoke of Biden’s strong condemnation of Republicans rushing to restrict voting rights, showing a of the president calling the effort “sick” while likening it to the Jim Crow era.

“Senator, are Republicans going too far in some of these different states?” Wallace asked the South Carolina lawmaker.

Graham, who allegedly tried to pressure Georgia’s secretary of state to consider throwing postal ballots after last year’s presidential election, took offense.

“You know, what’s sick is that the President of the United States played the continuous running card in such a hypocritical way,” Graham huffed. “He said filibuster was a relic of the Jim Crow era.”

Graham went on to call HR 1, the national voting rights bill that House Democrats recently passed, the “greatest power grab in ” before again lamenting that Republicans are being portrayed as racist for restricting access to the vote.

“Every time a Republican does anything you are racist, if you are a white conservative you are racist,” he fumed. “If you’re a black Republican, you’re either pop or Uncle Tom. They are using the racism map to advance the liberalism agenda. HR 1 is sick, not what they do in Georgia. “

Wallace, meanwhile, confronted Graham directly about specific provisions of Georgian law.

“This would limit the number and location of drop boxes. This allows counties to halt early voting at 5 p.m. before a lot of workers get down and can go vote, and it’s the one that I think creates the most noise, it bans – that makes it a crime – to give food or drink to the voters who line up, ”noted the moderator of Fox News Sunday.

“Senator, why the hell, if Americans are willing to wait hours to vote, would you make it a crime for people to come and give them a bottle of water?” Wallace added.

“Well all I can say is that doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, I agree with you there,” Graham conceded, before going back to complaining about HR. 1 and expand postal voting.

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