Chris Wallace shoots down election ‘fraud’ lies from Trump and Fox News stars

From the moment President Donald Trump prematurely and falsely declared victory in the 2020 race early in the morning on Wednesday, Fox News’ Chris Wallace was among the first to speak out against the irresponsible and dangerous comments. “It’s an extremely flammable situation; the president just threw a match, ”he told viewers.

Now, as Joe Biden draws closer to a narrow election victory, Wallace is actively pushing back against allegations of “fraud” that come not only from the Trump campaign, but from many of his Fox News colleagues as well.

“As far as lawsuits go, it is certainly the right of the president and his representatives to file them,” Wallace told Fox’s Dana Perino. “You go back, as I do in 2000, we saw it as a serious legal matter. There was a 537 vote difference between Gore and Bush in Florida. You had the issue of butterfly ballots and suspended chads. It seemed like a really legitimate question to plead.

Noting that Perino had previously asked Fox reporter John Roberts, “Is there any solid evidence of fraud? Wallace replied, “It doesn’t seem to be that far. There appear to be allegations, but no hard evidence. And there is nothing that rises to the level where there could be enough fraud to change votes when you are talking about thousands and thousands of votes between the two candidates.

Because the Fox News ruling office called Arizona for Biden on Tuesday night, it was the only major TV news network to show the Democratic ticket sitting at 264 electoral votes – just six fewer of the 270 needed for the victory. This means that by the time Nevada is called up for Biden, Fox could be in the unexpected position of being the first to declare him president-elect, even before Pennsylvania has finished counting its ballots.

“Fox News has called Arizona before,” Wallace reminded viewers. “It caused a lot of heartburn in the Republican Party. But I registered with our decision-making office and they don’t hesitate. They say our call in Arizona is right. “

As he put it, “If Biden wins at this point any of the three states I spoke of – Nevada, Pennsylvania, Georgia – he goes over the top.”

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