Chris Wallace stops Fox News’ Hunter Biden fever dream

On the morning of the final presidential debate, Fox’s “direct news” presenters seemed more eager than ever to keep the story of Hunter Biden’s stolen emails and texts alive – despite the fact that Fox News initially transmitted the report. doubtful that ended in the New York Post.

But this time, Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace was there to slow their roll.

Wallace chuckled a bit as anchor Sandra Smith listed the supposedly incriminating details surrounding the former vice president. “There is a debate tonight,” she reminded him. “How does that play out in everything that is so close to election day?”

The moderator of that first disastrous debate between President Trump and Joe Biden predicted that it would “certainly” be raised Thursday night. “If Kristen Welker doesn’t talk about it – and I think she will if the President hasn’t already – the President will probably talk about it,” Wallace said. “So it’s going to happen tonight.”

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