Chris Wallace toasts Mick Mulvaney and asks, “Do you feel responsible for allowing Donald Trump?”

Fox News presenter Chris Wallace did not allow former White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney to use his platform to rehabilitate his reputation on Sunday, repeatedly confronting the former Trump aide over his “Personal responsibility for allowing” the behavior of President Donald Trump.

Last week, Mulvaney joined a host of Trump administration officials to step down in the wake of Wednesday’s deadly insurgent riot on Capitol Hill that the president instigated. “Those who choose to stay, and I have spoken with some of them, choose to stay because they fear the president will put someone worse,” Mulvaney said after announcing he was resigning from his post as United States Special Envoy to Northern Ireland.

Interview Mulvaney on Fox News SundayWallace first insisted on the former Republican congressman on whether he supported the 25th Amendment or impeachment to remove the president from office before President-elect Joe Biden was inaugurated. After calling the amendment a “clunky tool,” he remained undecided as to whether he would vote for impeachment if he was in Congress.

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