Chunky knit scarves that you’ll never want to take off

Really, chunky knit scarves are only good thing about cold weather. Okay, I’m exaggerating, but they’re so and cozy moment you put them around your neck. There are so many color and length options that you will be able to wear one with virtually any coat you own. We’ve rounded up some of our favorites for this season.

Oversized Free People Cloud Rib Scarf

You can feel how cozy and this scarf is just by looking at it. Made from a soft, ribbed polyester fabric, it’s basically a fluffy blanket that you wrap around your neck. It comes in four different colors, so you can have one for every winter coat.

You probably have some free time these days, so why not make your own cozy scarf? This kit makes a beautiful, long tassel scarf in your choice of over 30 different yarn varieties.

Free People Jaden Rib Knit Scarf

This long scarf is available in four different colors. It’s a mix of acrylic and polyester with long bangs that add texture and visual interest to any outfit. Oh, and that will keep you , too.

Marcellamoda winter scarf

Made from Italian mohair wool, this chunky scarf is handmade and comes in nine different colors. Wrap it around your shoulders or even over your head for extra warmth.

Chunky Knit Oblong Collar Scarf for Women

This option from Target is speckled, in brown or burgundy, and has chunky tassels at each end. It’s a scarf that will make a statement with any outfit.

Chunky Cable Knit Scarf

Soft and cashmere-like, this scarf from Amazon comes in so many colors you’ll want them all. twisted mesh will not let even heaviest gusts of wind pass.

Rag & Bone Aran Chunky Rectangle Scarf

This chic white option is made from merino wool, which means it will keep you warm in any weather. rolled edge hem makes this look more of a sweater than a scarf.

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