Church head Sean Feucht visits White House on ‘Superspreader’ tour

Days after leading thousands of unmasked worshipers on the East Coast, singer and evangelical activist Sean Feucht posted a photo of his masked family at the gates of the West Wing.

While it’s not clear whether Feucht entered the White House on Friday, he has already visited the monument to pray with President Trump. And Feucht’s photo was released just a day before five members of Vice President Mike Pence’s team were sickened by the novel coronavirus.

The musician and activist’s “Let Us Worship” tour brought together hundreds and thousands of Christians across the country – in Nashville, Pittsburgh, Kansas City, and more – in the midst of a deadly pandemic, often in defiance of local mandates and federal guidelines. If the White House has truly given up on controlling the coronavirus pandemic, as a senior official suggested on Sunday, bringing Feucht to White House grounds in the midst of a potential super-broadcaster tour could serve as a new focus. data.

Last week, Lawrence Gostin, a professor of global health law at Georgetown University who advises the World Health Organization, told the Daily Beast that Sunday’s massive service would “almost certainly” lead to “an event. widespread – and would cause many new cases, hospitalizations, and even death. It violates virtually every principle to mitigate this pandemic. “Other experts have said remarkably similar things about Feucht’s gatherings in other cities those last weeks.

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