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Earlier Monday, President Donald Trump claimed he had “won the 2020 election”, also posting a series of tweets, in which he lambasted “the Dominion voting systems belonging to the radical left.” While the official election tally has yet to be announced, Joe Biden has declared himself President-elect of the United States.

Lawyer for US President Sidney Powell has called for CIA Director Gina Haspel to be fired for ignoring warnings about voting software that Powell says was “designed to rig” the November 3 election .

“Why Gina Haspel is still there at the CIA is beyond my comprehension. She should be terminated immediately, ”Powell told Fox News on Sunday, highlighting alleged problems with Dominion Voting Systems’ software used in several of the major battlefield states on election day.

She referred to a series of “whistleblowers” who she said could confirm that the Dominion software was apparently being used to suppress “millions” of votes in favor of Trump.

When asked about the evidence, Powell said she had “many ways to prove it” but that she “was not going to say on national television all we have”.

His remarks echoed those of President Donald Trump in his latest round of tweets, in which he specifically criticized what he called “the Dominion’s voting systems belonging to the radical left,” also insisting that the United States United “cannot allow the false results of the 2020 mail-in election to run.

This follows the president’s tweet that Joe Biden won “because the election was rigged,” adding in a follow-up post that he “isn’t conceding anything”, with the Democratic candidate winning only “in the eyes of [the] fake news media. “

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Dominion, in turn, asserted in a statement posted on its website that it “categorically denies false claims about voting change issues with our voting system.”

The Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency appeared to have the same tone, insisting that “there is no evidence that a voting system suppressed or lost votes, altered votes, or had been compromised in any way.

The statement came after Trump campaign lawyer Jay Sekulow demanded recounts in every state using the Dominion software which he said wrongly gave Democrats in one Michigan county 6,000 votes during the elections.

“If 30 states have used the software, it has already turned out that there is a problem of 6,000 votes in a voting area […] lawyers should … demand a manual recount. Post-election disputes are important to protect the integrity of the electoral process, as the president said, and to frankly protect the constitution, ”Sekulow said.

Trump has repeatedly accused the Dominion Voting Systems Corporation of being responsible for its vote counting software falsely “returning” votes to Democrats.

POTUS also suggested that the voting machine “glitches” reported at some polling stations on election day were evidence that Democrats were trying to “steal” votes from it when counting votes in key states.

The president refuses to concede the election to Biden, who has proclaimed himself president-elect and is currently involved in forming his transition team, although the official tally has yet to be announced.

Alex Jones breaks down Joe Biden’s new task force plan and how he will attempt to force President Trump to implement it.

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