‘Clap For NHS’ Virtue Signal returns to UK – Dateway

The useless and laudable virtue signaling exercise where people ‘cheer the NHS’ once a week is expected to return to the UK, according to the woman who started it.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Monday that England was set to enter a third nationwide lockdown for an unlimited period which could last for months.

The move was made despite previous lockdowns not working, including one in London which saw higher cases after the lockdown than before it started.

To add insult to injury, the unbearable practice of people coming out of their homes at 8pm every night to “cheer the caregivers” is apparently making a comeback.

“The woman behind Clap for Our Carers, Annemarie Plas, has confirmed he will be back from 8pm this Thursday,” journalist Carl McQueen tweeted. “This time, expand their message to #clapforheroes to ‘recognize every hero who played their part during the pandemic’.”

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McQueen admitted that the reaction to the idea had been largely negative, with many respondents deeming it “meaningless.”

Plas tries to relaunch the gesture despite the cancellation of his previous incarnation because it had become “too political”.

The coronavirus pandemic has seen nurses elated to the status of God in the western world, despite the fact that hospitals in England are more empty than they were at this time last year.

Family members of cancer victims and others with serious illnesses who had their treatment canceled have also expressed fury over videos showing NHS nurses dancing in hospitals for social media influence.

As we pointed out earlier, skeptics have pointed out that the event has turned into some sort of bizarre community ceremony, with the NHS deified as a religious institution.

Doctor and author Theodore Dalrymple said the NHS cult clapathon reminded him of Communist despotism.

“It reminds me a bit, in its tendency to get longer and stronger and almost more hysterical, of the applause after a speech by Nicolae Ceausescu or another Communist despot, in which everyone in the audience had to show themselves as enthusiastic and the most enthusiastic. clap, and keep clapping as long as someone else is clapping, because being the first to stop could be seen as a sign of disloyalty and dissent from the official line, ”the author wrote.

Some people have even been named and humiliated by neighbors on social media sites for refusing to participate in the weekly worship session. TV stations also briefly stopped to encourage people to join them.

As we pointed out earlier, the real purpose of the new “ lockdown ” (most of the country was under de facto lockdown anyway) is to give police leeway to be much more draconian in its application.



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