‘Clinton Foundation Suicide Limo Service’ tracks Biden bus through town – Dateway

A hearse-led Trump trailer closely followed a Biden tour bus on a campaign visit to Texas.

Images from Houston on Thursday show the Biden bus a light, prompting Trump supporters to .

The hearse, dressed in Trump clothes, also featured slogans reading “Democrat Cemetery Vote Collector” and “Clinton Foundation Suicide Limo Service”, with a fake phone number saying “1-800-HANG-URSELF”.

“Collecting Democratic one dead at a time,” reads a decal on the side of the hearse, referring to the phenomenon of Democrats receiving cast by deceased people.

“Dig them deeper, bury them cheaper,” said another slogan.

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After the Biden bus stopped, Trump supporters set up a coffin next to the bus and the hearse, next to a sign that read: “Remember 10% for the ‘Big Guy’,” referring to Recent emails retrieved from Biden’s laptop detailing shady details of overseas business relationships that likely benefited his father, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, financially.

The Hearse has a Facebook page setup at

According to, the bus left one of its scheduled stops due to a lack of supporters.

At time of publication, the Biden bus is said to have pulled away from their campaign stop after no supporters showed up. The hearse seemed to be in pursuit.

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