CNN reporter criticizes Trump for removing his mask; Trump campaign shows video of White House mask removal – Dateway

A CNN reporter cried angrily that President Trump triumphantly removed his mask outside the White House on Monday evening, leading the President’s campaign staff to post a video of the same reporter removing his own mask inside. the White House after the cameras stopped rolling.

CNN White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins commented on Trump’s return from Walter Reed Hospital, sounding bitter about the level of care he received, and complained that Trump was urging Americans not to live in fear.

“What the President is portraying by removing his mask when he returns to the Truman Balcony to give this big comeback to the White House is that everything is fine and, as he said, don’t let the coronavirus control your life. “. Collins said.

“But it’s still a president who has coronavirus,” Collins continued, adding, “Despite the lights and flags and the staged entrance that the president wants to create, he still has coronavirus and he’s only a few days after the diagnosis. “

Collins also tweeted the music video, adding the comment, “Just days after his diagnosis, the first thing President Trump does when he comes back to the White House is take off his mask.”

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The Trump campaign noted that when Collins herself takes off her own mask inside the White House, this is apparently not a problem:

How dare the ruler of the country take a stand, urging people not to live in fear, and how dare he want things to get back to normal!

Clearly no, as the video shows. She just hates the orange man.

Other left-wing media shows complained that Trump “looked like he had makeup on, meaning someone had to get close enough to wear makeup in their favorite orange patina,” while also proclaiming that the Trump’s position and salute on the balcony was a “Mussolini moment”, and that he appeared as “a member of the old Russian Czar family”:

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