CNN says Trump’s medics are ‘deliberately deceiving’ and ‘hiding things’ – Dateway

Without providing any evidence, CNN, which should now be called the Conspiracy News Network, said on Sunday that President Trump’s medics were “ deliberately deceiving ” the public and “ hiding things. ”

The comments were made by CNN chief medical correspondent Dr Sanjay Gupta after host Jake Tapper said White House doctor Dr Sean Conley “prior to this episode had an impeccable reputation” .

“He was asked why he hadn’t given all the information yesterday, and he said he was trying, I quote, to reflect the optimistic attitude of the team and not to give any information that would guide the course of his illness. . What is a doctor supposed to do? Tapper asked.

Gupta replied “No. I mean, you have to be honest. You need to be transparent – all of these details matter. I mean, he goes in and out to brief the public on the president. This is the briefing happening. If you want to do this, you have to be absolutely honest.

“It was – it was deliberately misleading yesterday on a very basic question, which is whether or not the president had taken supplemental oxygen is one of those questions,” Gupta said.

“This is important, Jake, because when you look at patients the way doctors approach it, we know his age, we know his pre-existing risk factors, you can immediately start to assess his risk as more data becomes available. fall into this type of risk. changes in stratification. If he needed oxygen, that clearly indicates that there were impacts, a significant impact on his lungs, and that puts him on a different trajectory, ”continued Gupta.

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Tapper rang the bell again proclaiming, “I am the son of a doctor and a nurse, and I understand the tendency of the public to believe doctors. We want to believe the doctors. “

“We must also note that there is a long and ugly history in this country of presidents who are not being honest about their health, the American people and the doctors used in this cover-up,” Tapper continued, providing no evidence that anyone is hiding anything about Trump’s health.

“A hundred years ago it was Woodrow Wilson, FDR, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, and so on. This is the reason why, when I interviewed Joe Biden, made him promise, would he always be candid about all aspects of his health in real time. We’re not getting that from Donald Trump and his team at the moment. We don’t get all the facts. Why? ”Tapper asked Gupta.

Gupta replied, “Well you know I have to say they’re hiding things, Jake. I mean, I hate to say it.

The CNN plot was picked up by leftists such as Michael Moore, who said without any evidence that the White House was wrongly claiming that Trump was showing only mild symptoms:

Meanwhile, President Trump provided frequent video updates, where he appears to be in good health, and even took to the streets for a drive to greet supporters on Sunday, which was a public appearance of more than Joe Biden this weekend.

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