CNN’s Brianna Keilar slams Maria Bartiromo for peddling ‘conspiracy theories’ and ‘propaganda’

presenter Brianna Keilar tore Fox Business Network presenter Maria Bartiromo apart on Tuesday over the pro-Trump ’s penchant for using “conspiracy theories” and “propaganda” to boost the president.

In recent weeks, Bartiromo – who has gone from being a respected financial journalist to being a “conspiratorial and sometimes aided by the alternative right” cheerleader – has done all he can to amplify some of Trumpworld’s most sordid conspiracies, including including baseless smears on the Democratic presidential election. Health of candidate Joe Biden or accusations of pedophilia.

Kicking off his segment by referring to Bartiromo’s recent interview with Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) which featured the and Senator Fox “raising a smear” against the Bidens, Keilar noted that the pedophilia innuendos “have characteristics of QAnon, ”which is an imbalanced sect that believes there is a satanic cabal of top Democrats engaged in child sex trafficking.

“It’s diffused and fertilized by Fox,” she says. “Maria Bartiromo, their high-level professional , started it. And that’s part of a pattern because it pushes many other conspiracy theories that can only be described as propaganda.

The anchor then aired clips of Bartiromo interviewing President Donald Trump and declaring loud and clear that there had been a Democratic “coup” against him and that the Mueller investigation was “just” a cover-up “of what they had done to Trump, while calling him” the greatest politician. ” scandal ”in history.

“This so-called biggest political scandal they’ve seen has evaporated into what it was from the start – nothing,” Keilar said. “Bill Barr’s Justice Department, who we note has withstood criticism for acting more as the President’s personal counsel than as an law enforcement official, reportedly found no wrongdoing. in the Obama administration revealing the drama.

She then released further footage of Bartiromo credulously claiming that National Intelligence Director Ratcliffe’s release of Russian unverified intelligence proved Hillary Clinton had an electoral plan to tie Trump to Russia, even though Ratcliffe himself wrote that the intelligence community does not know the accuracy of intelligence or whether the Russians fabricated it.

Eventually, Keilar pointed out Bartiromo as he said breathlessly in a recent interview with Trump that his “solid medical sources” told him Biden suffered from two brain aneurysms, setting the stage for the president to attack mental health. and Biden’s health.

“Maria, it’s true, because Joe Biden revealed that he suffered from aneurysms decades ago,” said the . “Maybe one of Maria Bartiromo’s sources is the Biden campaign website. Click on. Everything is there. Two aneurysms in the 1980s and brain imaging in 2014 making it all clear.

’s outspoken anchor closed the segment by saying that, like all Trump sycophants at Fox, Bartiromo also made sure to peddle his latest Trump-based book during his friendly conversations with the President while also putting end his talks by “greasing the hinges of the Oval Office Door.”

She then released a clip of Bartiromo telling Trump that she “would like to come back to the White soon to do another interview,” prompting the president to respond that he would try to do it for her.

“I’m sure it can be fixed,” Keilar hissed in conclusion.

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