Cold weather gear that will get you through the winter

As a native of Vermont, I have always considered myself a pro at getting through the long winter.

Then I moved to Minnesota. From December to March, here in the “Bold North,” where the mercury regularly drops below zero as frightening winds blow through the streets, is a whole new ball game. Thankfully, it didn’t take long to some gear (and strategies) to stay warm and sane throughout the season. Yes, winter is coming whether you like it or not, but with these purchases there is no reason to shed a frozen tear.

Base layers

Very warm Heattech crew neck

For a base layer on top, it doesn’t get much better than Uniqlo’s heattech line. The super warm crew neck features thick, absorbent fabric with a brushed finish for better insulation and self-deodorization.

Smartwool Merino 150 Base Layer

You’ve probably heard the advice that the best defense against the cold when it comes to dressing is to protect yourself well. There is a reason: it works! Need proof? Try walking around the block in just one pair of after the temperatures and the wind chill drop below freezing. Your legs will feel like popsicles. The good news is that there is a simple fix and you don’t have to make yourself look like a bundled-up kid for playtime. Get yourself a light base layer to wear underneath – SmartWool to thermal are my favorite.

A long parka (Puffer is a plus)

Goose Langford Fitted Down Parka

Growing up in New England, I was no stranger to peacoats, ski jackets and parkas. But it wasn’t until I moved to Minnesota that I realized how much a three-quarter jacket makes a difference in keeping your whole body warm when the temperature drops. If you’re on a big budget, Goose or North Face are popular choices. I went with a Vince Camuto jacket (with multiple pockets and a removable faux fur hood trim), and have no complaints.

A travel mug

Hot drinks like coffee, tea, and apple cider are essential for thawing (not to mention staying hydrated), especially if you, like me, have to deal with a commute or daily walks with the dog. My own consumption of Yogi tea has increased in leaps and bounds since arriving in the Bold North. A stylish insulated mug lets you bring your sizzling beverage of when you’re on the go without worrying about getting cold or spilling.

Hand warmers

Speaking of being on the go, don’t hibernate with the power of disposable hand warmers. Must-haves for ski trips and outdoor winter sporting events can also come in handy when you need to walk or wait outside in the winter. Several friends sent us care packs after our move and they haven’t disappointed yet. Buy a box and keep them in your bag or car to your fingers from freezing.

Hygge Essentials

Genteele sherpa throw blanket

Of course, the easiest way to stay warm is to avoid going out when the mercury is dropping. While my family enjoys winter sports like cross country skiing and even ice climbing (a great opportunity to really understand how difficult it would be to climb the wall The iron Throne), there are plenty of days (and nights) when hygge is the activity of . Buy a subscription to a streaming service like Netflix or Amazon Prime, load up a Seamless card and make sure you have a comfy blanket and a fully stocked bar cart handy and settle in for the long weeks ( or month) until sun returns, no FOMO necessary.

Smartwool makes my favorite socks. They are warm but elegant. Even though they are meant for hiking, you can wear them just about anywhere and ensure your toes are warm.

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