Colorado 2020 election results make no sense

Nine days ago, we reported on the suspicious and questionable Colorado results in the 2020 election.

An individual claiming to be a “strong and very proud Conservative Republican” challenged our report in an email addressed to a number of individuals in the state. He never contacted us, but had the nerve to reach out to others and denigrate our Gateway Pundit reports. One of those who received his email provided it to us.

Below is Mr. Crane’s email (with our answers in blue):

Good evening everyone,

Many of you may not know me. My name is Matt Crane and I am the former Arapahoe County Clerk and Recorder. I am a strong Conservative and a very proud Republican. I thought I could provide some feedback on the post below. A quick glance at actual Colorado data over the past 12 years refutes much of what is claimed in this article and should call into question the methodology and credibility of the author of this article.

(We’re not sure why a “ very proud, conservative Republican ” would write this email.)

Some assertions from this post to correct: • CLAIM – Colorado would have had a record 85% turnout. REAL FACT – This statement is false. In 2012, the turnout was around 88% of active voters.

Regarding this first complaint, we have provided a link in our report to an article that Mr Crane apparently did not review. The November 4 article states:

Over 3.2 million ballots have been collected to date, for a turnout of around 85%. Once every vote is counted, Colorado could end up with the highest turnout in the country.

We have included the following in our article for this article:

Votes are still counted across the country (and Colorado), but the Centennial State has already established a new record for electoral participation. As of this afternoon, 3,276,575 ballots have been returned – a turnout of 85% of active voters – and about 400,000 more than the 2016 election, according to data from Magellan Strategies.

Our demands were supported by a link to another article. If Mr. Crane had a problem with those numbers, he should have criticized this post and not the “author’s credibility”.

CLAIM – The turnout in presidential elections is typically closer to 50-55%, which calls Colorado’s results into question. REAL FACT – This statement is false. The average ACTIVE turnout in Colorado presidential elections since 2008 has been around 86%. Even when we factor in TOTAL registration (active and inactive voters), the average turnout in Colorado since 2008 has been around 71%. There was NOTHING unusual about the 2020 turnout.

Our article provided evidence of an average national turnout of around 50-55% – we’ve provided a graph to highlight this. Colorado’s numbers are well above the national average. This is a high level observation that any novice listener would observe. To suggest that this is not true is not true.

Mr. Crane provides the historical results of state participation. It ignores the comparison to other states and fails to mention Colorado’s unique feature – that the entire state has had postal voting since 2013, for example. Of course, Colorado’s numbers are questionable compared to the rest of the country. Mr. Crane ignores this.

CLAIM – By cross multiplication, we can determine that the number of eligible voters in 2016 was around 3.6 million to 3.7 million in 2020. So there has been essentially an increase in the number of voters in the Colorado between 2016 and 2020 from 100,000 to 150,000 people … Increase in the number of voters and a population of less than 200,000 since 2016, Joe Biden has garnered 460,000 more votes (38%) than Obama or Hillary in the previous election. REAL FACT – Actual data explains the increase in votes for Biden. The number of ACTIVE voters in Colorado between 2016 and 2020 increased by approximately 520,000 voters. This is actually a slightly smaller increase in the number of active voters in Colorado between 2012 and 2016 (roughly 524,000). This information is readily available on the Secretary of State’s website. This is in part due to the increase in population and inactive voters reactivating their registration on the electoral roll. During the same period (2016-2020), statewide Republican voter registration increased from 1,031,512 (2016) to 1,028,239 (2020), a NET LOSS of 3,273 voters. Democrats went from 1040948 (2016) to 1129733 (2020), or a NET GAIN of 88785. Unaffiliated voters went from 1140909 (2016) to 1541.199 (2020), or a NET GAIN of 400290. To illustrate More my point, in 2008, Republicans accounted for 35.15% of voter registration in Colorado. In 2020, Republicans fell to 27.29% of voter registrations. Finally, in 2008, Obama won 53.5% of the vote in Colorado. In 2020, Biden received 55.14%. During that 12-year period, the number of ACTIVE voters in Colorado increased by more than 1,100,000 million. Considering the change in the political climate here in Colorado during this period, a 1.64% vote increase for the Democratic nominee is not at all unreasonable. Some may be surprised that the increase is not more than this.

Again, Mr. Crane avoids the problem and doesn’t fix it, he confirms it. The increase in the number of eligible voters between 2016 and 2020 in the state is 485,000 according to state reports. Biden won almost every one of those votes, which is unreasonable. Biden defeated Hillary by 460,000 votes, which is almost every new vote since 2016. President Trump has actually exceeded Obama and Hillary’s vote count, but because Biden has garnered nearly every new vote he has beaten President Trump by 430,000 votes. This is the point and it is not reasonable.

Further, Mr Crane ignores the fact that the state’s population between 2016 and 2020 only increased by 200,000, but the number of active voters increased by 485,000. That also did not. meaningless.

Claim – Colorado’s numbers for Biden just don’t make sense, they don’t add up, something is going on with these nearly impossible results. Real fact – When you use real, accurate data in an honest way, it makes sense. This article is either an example of someone not understanding actual Colorado data, or someone actively trying to trick people into believing something that is not true. Neither explanation is correct. I am as devastated by the results of the 2020 election as all of you. However, one must resist the urge to descend into these burrows full of disinformation that are easily refutable. There is much we can do to improve the integrity of our elections, here in Colorado and across the country. But believing that disinformation is absolutely bogus hurts our credibility and our ability to influence change where it’s really needed. If you are looking for more information on Colorado election data and operations, please contact your Clerk and Clerk. We have incredible clerks in this state who fight daily for accurate and secure elections. They should be your first reliable source of accurate election information, not the bloggers who can make money from clicks. Sincerely, Matt

Colorado’s numbers don’t make sense.

We can see why Mr. Crane is no longer in office. Its “disinformation that is easily refuted” is one thing. His lack of courage and professionalism in not contacting us with his rebuttal is another. Frankly, after reading his arguments, it’s hard to believe he’s a “very proud and conservative Republican” and someone who was “as devastated by the 2020 election results as” the rest of us. . He totally ignores the obvious.

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