Confused Eric Trump Says His Father Is Cured By His Own Vaccines

Presidential son Eric Trump apparently believes a vaccine for the coronavirus has been fully developed and that his father took it after catching the virus in order to defeat COVID-19.

If this bothers you, you are not alone.

Eric Trump appeared on ABC This week Sunday morning to discuss President Donald Trump’s return to public events and election rallies despite his recent coronavirus hospitalization. Ahead of the interview with young Trump, guest host Jonathan Karl told viewers that the White House refused their request to bring in public health experts from the Coronavirus Task Force.

“While his doctor says the president is no longer contagious, the American public is still in the dark on basic questions, like when the president last tested negative for COVID, and whether he is now completely clear of the disease, “Karl noted, adding,” We had hoped to speak to Dr Fauci about the outbreak in the White House and across the country. He was more than willing to join us, but the White House would not allow you to hear from the nation’s foremost expert on the coronavirus.

Speaking to the president’s son, Karl asked if he was concerned about his father getting into the election campaign given his recent battle with the serious illness. After Eric defended this weekend’s White House event to which the president spoke, noting that most of the attendees wore masks, Karl referred to the president by telling radio host Rush Limbaugh that there was a time when he feared he would succumb to the disease.

“How much has it deteriorated?” Karl wondered aloud.

“Look, that first day he got hit hard on Friday,” Trump said. “As a son, it’s never fun to watch your dad fly to Walter Reed on Marine One. It’s a day no son wants to remember.

He went on to say that the next day he had spoken with his father on several occasions and that “the guy had rang 100%” attributing the drugs and treatments the President had taken while in hospital.

Except that, according to Trump, his father received a vaccine.

“It shows how some of these vaccines are being created and what my father did on the vaccine front, no one could have done,” Trump boasted. “My dad literally started on day 1 creating this vaccine, he worked to promote this vaccine and now my dad just took it and you see how well he recovered from it.

“Can you clarify this? Did you say your dad just got the shot? Karl stepped back, wondering if Trump was referring to the therapies the president had taken during his stay.

Eric Trump quickly changed, saying it “shows the power of medicine and how far we’ve come on COVID,” noting he was talking about the “drugs he was taking” from Walter Reed.

This is not the first time Eric Trump has wrongly claimed that the president took a “vaccine” while in hospital. (Of course, that’s not how vaccines work – patients don’t get vaccinated after being infected with a disease.)

“There have never been vaccines that were created so quickly, my father only took one of them… he destroyed it in 24 hours”, Eric said in a radio interview on October 7.

The president himself has repeatedly referred to the experimental cocktail of monoclonal antibodies he took from Regeneron Pharmaceuticals as a “cure” and that he is now “immune” to the virus.

“I think it was a blessing from God that I grabbed [the virus], I think it was a blessing in disguise, ”Trump said in a video last week. “I caught it, heard about this drug, I said, ‘Let me take it’… and the way it worked was amazing.

The president also suggested that the expensive treatment is more important than a vaccine and promised seniors, without an explanation or plan, that it will make it “free” for them in the future.

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