Cop roasts left-wing protester after asking to deal with policewoman – Dateway

A cop hilariously grilled a leftist protester during the recent unrest in Seattle after the protester demanded to deal with a female officer, to which the cop replied, “How do you know they don’t identify with each other?” not like women? ”

The video clip begins with a confrontation between what appears to be two female protesters and two male officers.

“Shut up, fucking shit, you’re really pushing, you shit!” the protester yells at the cops before appearing to spit on them.

While it’s hard to tell what’s going on, then the cops seem to arrest and handcuff one of the women as her friend yells, “Don’t touch her!”

“Find a policewoman now, I am now asking you for a policewoman!” She adds.

“How do you know they don’t identify as women?” the cop answers.

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“What? What did you just ask me?” Said the protester, bewildered.

“You assume the gender of these officers,” answer the cops.

Respondents to the clip enjoyed the roast.

“I love how at the end they say kiss with such a defeated voice knowing that it’s their bullshit that people can throw this card,” one commented.

“Absolutely brilliant. You could hear his brain short,” another remarked.

“Well, this is Seattle after all. Maybe he’s asking the question honestly, ”said another.



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