Coronavirus: How Moderna’s vaccine will arrive in Canada as new doses are acquired

Moderna is one of the COVID-19 vaccines that Health Canada is considering approving. While the federal government will not commit to a firm date by which Canadians will be able to access any vaccine, they are continuing to prepare, including purchasing additional doses of the Moderna product. David Akin explains how the government is preparing for the largest mass immunization program in history by making sure there are enough vaccines so anyone who wants one can get one. Two Moderna manufacturing plants are working around the clock to meet necessary demand and, as Carolyn Jarvis reports, the entire supply chain is preparing, starting with a Canadian leading the way to get the vaccines to Canada and the country. world. For more information, please subscribe to the Global News Channel HERE: Like Global News on Facebook HERE: Follow Global News on Twitter HERE: Follow Global News on Instagram HERE: #GlobalNews # COVID19 #coronavirus.
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