Coronavirus rises in Wisconsin, but people vote early in Milwaukee anyway

MILWAUKEE – Wisconsin is now a national hotspot for the coronavirus, with more cases identified so far in Milwaukee County than anywhere else in the state. But that didn’t stop crowds of voters here from heading to the polls on Tuesday, the first day of in-person advance voting in a highly controversial state of transition with a recent history of pandemic fear at the polls and violence in the polls. ‘far right. .

Two-hour queues were reported at some of Milwaukee’s early voting sites, and Claire Woodall-Vogg, executive director of the city’s Election Commission, said lines were forming at the 13 sites opened on Tuesday . A 14th site will open on Wednesday, and two more are available by appointment only to voters with disabilities who cannot use any of the others.

After a primary in April that saw the city operate just five overcrowded “polling centers” due to a lack of poll workers, things were looking much better. City locations enforced social distancing while providing single-use pencils for registration, plexiglass shielded stations, and digital screens for voting.

The city and suburb also provide ballot boxes to cast the ballots for those who do not want to vote by mail or in person.

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