Covid-19: mortality in intensive care has fallen around the world but this progress could stagnate

Improved hospital care has reduced ICU rates by more than a third since the early months of the -19 pandemic, but the pace of that progress is slowing and could now stagnate, study finds. ) Tuesday, February 2 in the journal Anesthesia. Mortality decreases more slowly or slowly The mortality of patients in intensive care units (ICU) fell to 36% in October, according to this large study comprising more than 43,000 patients from several countries. According to a previous analysis by the same authors, in July, the overall mortality of patients with -19 in ICUs, assimilated to intensive care, had increased from nearly 60% at the end of March 2020 to 42% at the end. from May 2020. These two studies, carried out by anesthesia specialist Tim Cook and his British colleagues, are “meta-analyzes” compiling multiple studies. The latest use of data from 52 studies from Europe, North America and China – regions included in the previous analysis – as well as reports from the Middle East, South Asia and in particular. “After our first meta-analysis from last year showed a sharp drop in ICU mortality from -19 from March to May 2020, updated analysis shows that any decline in the rate between June and October 2020 seems to have stabilized or have leveled off, “according to the authors. Progress in care Knowledge about what works – and what does not – have progressed, remind these specialists. Steroids (such as dexamethasone) can, for example, be given to patients on oxygen or on a ventilator to improve their chances of survival. Patient management has also likely evolved over the year with changes in oxygen therapy or the management of blood clotting. The authors also wonder about the possible impact of new variants of the coronavirus on patients in intensive care. But Peter Horby, head of the Recovery clinical trial, which found dexamethasone to be effective, recently argued that the drugs should continue to work just as well with the newer variants because they act on the immune response, not the immune system. virus itself.
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