COVID plan “starts with nationwide mask mandate” – Dateway

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has once again changed his mind on whether or not he will implement a national mask mandate after his election.

After initially calling for mandatory masks in August, the Biden campaign quickly reversed its position.

A month later, Biden publicly admitted that a mask mandate would be a “constitutional issue” and admitted he could not do it constitutionally.

“But here’s the deal,” he said. “The federal government – there is a constitutional question as to whether the federal government could issue such a warrant. I don’t think they could constitutionally, so I wouldn’t issue a warrant.

Now, just 12 days before the election, Joe Biden tosses the Constitution by the wayside and once again says he would force all Americans to wear a face mask if they were elected president.

Joe spoke with WISN-ABC Tuesday, where he revealed he was back on the mandatory mask train.

“Take responsibility,” Biden said, referring to . “This president says it’s not his responsibility. The role of the federal government is [to] have a national response to fight this national pandemic. But Donald Trump has taken no responsibility, has failed and continues to fail to do so.

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“I published my plan in March. You can read it all online, go to and it starts with a nationwide mask warrant, ”Biden said.

Sure enough, the mandatory mask warrant is on, as shown in the screenshot below.

The Biden / Harris campaign website calls for “masked mandates across the country by working with governors and mayors and asking the American people to do what they do best – act in times of crisis.”

The campaign claims, “If 95% of Americans wear masks by December, we can save nearly 70,000 lives.”

Biden also suggested he would make COVID-19 vaccination mandatory at an ABC town hall last week.

“It depends on what the nature of the vaccine is when it comes out and how it is distributed,” Biden said. “But I think we should about it, depending on how the virus continues to spread, we should think about making it mandatory.”

Two-thirds of Americans oppose taking a coronavirus vaccine, and that number would likely be higher if it were mandatory.

Meanwhile, Michigan Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer blamed Trump for the lockdowns and the mask, telling people to vote for Biden if they were “tired” of these things.

“If you are tired of lockdowns or if you are tired of wearing masks or if you want to be in church this morning or watch college football or your kids attending classes in person, it is time for a in this. country, and that’s why we need to elect Joe Biden, ”Whitmer said Sunday on“ Meet The Press ”.

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