Create your own cleaning spray with water alone

Do you have tap water at home? Awesome. Now here’s an even trickier question: do you have working electrical outlets at home? Fantastic! You now have two of the three components needed to create an essentially endless supply of Holiness Spray. The third? Why, as you’ve no doubt assumed by now, is the O3 Waterworks Disinfectant Spray, the handy little piece of tech you deserve, given the mess of a 2020 year that turned out to be.

The spray produced by the O3 bottle kills bacteria like salmonella, e. coli and Staphylococcus A, and, according to the company’s website: “Achieved a 99.9% reduction in virus in 30 seconds compared to the commercial test surrogate for human coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.

If you’d rather not have so many pathogens and like the idea of ​​eliminating those unwanted little “guests” without harsh chemicals, do so with the aqueous ozone produced by this bottle by passing the water through. tap into a charged diamond electrolytic cell. It sounds good and scientific, but is the solution created by the bottle actually effective at killing germs?

“Ozone or O3 is made up of three loosely bonded oxygen atoms that easily give up an oxygen ion to react and oxidize with organic contaminants,” the O3 website states. And by “react and oxidize with” they mean kill. Aqueous ozone destroys microorganisms, killing 99.9% of most pathogens after only 30 seconds of exposure. Incidentally, that’s about the time it takes for O3 molecules to break down on their own, leaving only a water mist on hard surfaces and releasing O2 (better known as name of oxygen) in the air.

Because O3 Waterworks Spray turns into nothing more than water and oxygen, you can use it to clean everything from marble counters to vehicle dashboards or steering wheels to shower doors. to baby toys. You can also spray the product directly on food, and in several tests, aqueous ozone has been shown to significantly delay food spoilage by killing bacteria that speed up the rotting process.

If you want to put a price tag on something that can give you everything from fresher fruits and veggies to safer surfaces to greater peace of mind, how does $ 199 sound like?

O3Waterworks disinfectant spray

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