Creepy texts hissed at Trump supporters on Philly Vote-Count

As the vote count continued in Philadelphia on Thursday, bringing Joe Biden closer and closer to victory in the state, residents of the city received a disturbing text message.

“Radical Liberals and Democrats are trying to steal this election from Trump!” Read the text. “We need YOU! Show your support on the corner of 12th St. & Arch St. in Philadelphia.”

The message sounded like the fodder of a Trump tweet: As President Donald Trump’s chances of victory dwindled, he and his party cronies were claiming, without merit, that Democrats were cheating and trying to “steal” a victory. Instead, as the votes were counted in Philadelphia and its suburbs Thursday night and Friday morning, it became increasingly likely that Democratic candidate Joe Biden would win Pennsylvania and, with it, the presidency.

But the text urged recipients to take more specific action, with potentially nightmarish consequences.

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