Cuomo’s underrated young women are about to bring him down

There are always those who are looking for a reason to fire and slander a woman, and on the side of the guy she accuses. In the case of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s last accuser, Anna Ruch, she was not his and they were not at a workplace. They first met at a wedding, where she says he put his hand on her lower back. When she used her own hand to remove it, he grabbed her face with both hands and said he wanted to kiss her.

It’s a worthy because the 33-year-old is the third woman decades younger in a week to report unwanted contact with Cuomo, and because her leaves serious holes in the bogus “apologies” the 63-year-old governor issued a day earlier, to try to speak. the detailed and documented account of his second accuser, Charlotte Bennett, 25.

“At work sometimes I think I’m playful and make jokes that I find funny,” he said, looking like a sad and misunderstood little boy while trying to explain his actions to the second member. of her team to accuse her of harassment, and after her previous suggestion to get her butt tattooed fell flat. “I now understand that… some of the things I said were misinterpreted as unwanted flirtation.

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