Current Davos Agenda results before WEF: Dr. Martyn Davies

The Davos Agenda is underway ahead of the World Economic Forum this year under the theme The Reset. It brings together business leaders, governments and civil society who, this time around, will have to jointly face the consequences of the COVID-19 crisis and chart a course for global recovery. The WEF will take place in May and it will not be in the Swiss of Davos this time, but in Singapore, where the organization has decided to move its annual summit to the pandemic. The Davos Agenda, a virtual event, aims to rebuild trust and shape the principles, policies and partnerships needed for 2021. To discuss it, we are joined by Dr Martyn Davies, Managing Director Emerging Markets at Deloitte . For more information, visit and #SABCNews #Coronavirus # COVID19News on social media. .
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