Cushion Lab Seat Pillow Review

There is nothing like being stuck inside for months to slowly start hating everything in your house. My kitchen chair, which had been my seat of choice for working from home, became my last point of anger. The sloping back that usually cradled my body didn’t feel supportive for months, dropping me dramatically like a kid having a tantrum. I quickly realized I needed a solution and contacted Cushion Lab for assistance.

You see I always had meant to provide me with a supportive cushion to sit on while I worked. I have a terrible posture to begin with, so much so that my mom and my boyfriend tell me to stand up straight. After I started to realize that working from home was going to be a semi-permanent activity, I knew this was my chance. So I tried the lumbar pillow and pressure relief seat cushion combination and have been in butt heaven ever since.

Let’s start with the back cushion: the curved shape was created to be ergonomic without encroaching on your space. The memory foam helps maintain my lumbar support while allowing my shoulder blades to move freely. In addition, it easily attaches to a chair with an adjustable elastic strap. Then there’s the memory foam seat cushion, which is my favorite of the two. Immediately as you sit down, you feel relief. The curved sides and back help keep your legs and butt in the right place and it sits nicely under me. It also has a grippy bottom to keep it from slipping no matter how many times I stand up.

Now, every time I take a seat at my desk, I feel immediate comfort. Before having these cushions, I went from the chair to the sofa and vice versa to try to give my back a break. Now these pillows mean I can spend an entire day sitting at my desk without feeling like I regret it when I get up. Now the kitchen chair is the best seat in the house.

Lumbar back relief pillow

Decompression seat cushion

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