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If you’ve cooked more this year than any other year, you’re not alone. Our year has been filled with cookbooks, cooking with them, flipping through them, remembering our favorite restaurants and all the wonderful flavors we indulged in. But my year was still full of flavor, and that was mostly thanks to the cookbooks I used. If you’re looking for some new recipes, we’ve rounded up your favorite and most purchased cookbooks for 2020.

My favorite cookbook of the year was yours too. the Washington postJoe Yonan, Editor-in-Chief of Food and Dining, guides readers through a simple but shocking premise: “This food that you thought was just ok is actually really delicious and really easy to prepare in more ways than you probably thought. . “

One of New York’s most popular dim sum spots released a stellar cookbook this year. It’s packed with dumpling tutorials, pan fried noodles, and more, all of which are accessible even to a novice cook.

Less of a cookbook, and more of a book that explores how to have a successful kitchen, Food52’s new book is worth having in your kitchen, however you slice it. “From storage, to creating order in your pantry and refrigerator, to basic cooking techniques and even a special chapter on dishwashing, the editors at Food52 take you on a journey. cooking filled with answers to almost any kitchen question you might have. “

Cocktail craftsmanship

This second edition of the very influential Dale Degroff Cocktail craftsmanship should belong to every cocktail drinker, according to Phillip Greene, contributor to Half Full. It’s filled with new cocktail recipes, of course, and it serves as a guide to what consumers and professionals are supposed to do with alcohol, perfect for 2020 when we’re all trying to make them at home.

2020 was of course filled with pantry staples. It was a good idea to invest in a basic pantry cookbook this year (and every year) and from Geoffrey Zakarian My perfect pantry is a great solution, full of tips and tricks, like using Earl Gray tea bags to brew ice cubes.

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