Daily Beast Staff Pandemic Purchases

Face masks, inflatable pools, patio heaters: these are all things we never thought we would have to buy in 2020 and yet our shopping carts were full of them. Because 2020 has never been like a year of shopping, we asked our colleagues what their favorite purchases are in the event of a pandemic. Responses ranged from slippers (the new work shoe) to kitchen appliances, workout gear and more. Here are The Daily Beast Staffers’ most valuable pandemic purchases.

I started doing the Melissa Wood Health method which is a yoga / pilates fusion (and it’s awesome). It’s low impact but still super effective. I recently picked it up because I was having a hard time motivating myself to do anything in the cold, and it was sweet without having to love, jump into my apartment. So I bought this extra large yoga mat and love it because it a small gym space in my tiny apartment. But the best part is when I’m done I can just roll it up! The class and the mat allowed me to do a little something everyday and feel like myself again. –Madison Azevedo, Design Manager, Branding

I wanted comfortable slippers to wear around the house now that I’m home all the time. I had a hard time finding something that was machine washable and totally soft – no lip on the heel or strap – because I have big feet and struggle to find slippers that fit me. These were the perfect solution. I bought my first pair in July and I wear them literally every day. I bought a second pair in December so I wouldn’t have to give them up on laundry day. Even with daily use, seven months later, they are in fairly good condition. The stockings are slightly thin, but they kept me from wearing holes in all of my favorite socks. –Lauren Bertolini, Product Manager

Everlasting Comfort Office Footstool Under Desk

I love this thing. It turned my dining chair into a viable office chair. The memory foam is comfortable on the feet and tilts differently on each side so you can get the perfect angle, and the non-slip bottom keeps it from slipping. And I haven’t scientifically tested this, but my dogs’ light hair does not stick or show up on the dark velor surface. –Heather Dietrick, CEO

Dawn Scuffs for Women

I can’t function with cold feet so it’s fair to say I’ve only taken them off for sleeping, driving and shoveling snow since September. If they had an odometer, it’s about 10,000 miles on those scuff marks, most of which come from the management of two virtual schoolchildren. A previous pair were not as sturdy – my dog ​​was unable to withstand the attack of the outer fleece. Fortunately, these seem to be resistant to the Burrow. —Erin Friar, Morning Editor

NINJA Hot and Cold Brew System

I spent months looking at espresso machines before turning to this coffee maker. It has a built-in milk frother that satisfies my latte cravings (because let’s be honest – the froth is the best part), makes a cold brew for my boyfriend, and has the ability to brew just one cup for the perfect afternoon. up. It even has a separate filter basket for tea. This is by far the best buy I have made. –Julia Hall, junior designer

Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven

I am a huge fan of fried foods which unfortunately are generally very unhealthy. With the air fryer, I can eat a much healthier version of sweet potato fries, tender chicken, etc. The best thing I’ve done so far was buffalo chicken wings for the Super Bowl. I was worried it would take up a lot of space because I have a small kitchen but it is only slightly higher than my toaster and I am able to store it out of sight which is good. –Paige Hart-Smith, General Manager, Sales

I wanted a good bluetooth speaker to make going outdoors with friends more fun. It had to be durable with good sound quality at high and low volumes. I missed bars and live music, and the speakerphone I made lasted about as long as a hummingbird and played about as loud. I bought the Ultimate Ears Megaboom which is heavy and waterproof and has a long battery life. It works great in my yard, park or bedroom. —Blake Montgomery, News Editor, Journalist

Many of us were forced to look at our hometowns with a new appreciation, as those farthest from us wandered through its neighborhoods. The best thing I got my hands on during the pandemic was Capital losses, one of the best coffee table books of all time. It was put together by the recently deceased Smithsonian historian James Goode on the architectural wonders that no longer exist in our nation’s capital. It’s a gift with rich returns every time I open it before or after one of my walks. –William O’Connor, Travel Editor

Le Creuset Oval Dutch Oven 6

I’ve had my little round 4.5 quart Le Creuset for a few years now, and love the way it evenly distributes heat, its durability, its ease of cleaning AND its ability to use on the stovetop or on the stove. inside. the oven. This year I decided to invest in a larger 6-3 / 4 quart oval shaped crucible and it is now one of my favorite cookware. The oval shape allows things like whole chickens or pork shoulders to fit very well when cooking or braising, and the larger just allows me to cook larger amounts of food (since we let’s work at home now and cook almost every meal, that’s essential.). Plus, my Smaller Round Dutch Oven fits perfectly inside the Larger Oval Dutch Oven for great storage. –Ali Philippides, Senior Product Manager

Serious Sweats Sherpa Lined Joggers for Men

The pandemic has meant long stretches of time indoors with nowhere to go, especially during the colder months. Since big boys’ pants don’t make sense like everyday wear in this context, I retreated to serious pairs of Lands End sherpa-lined sweatshirts. I feel like someone skinned a Muppet and turned their skin into the warmest, most comfortable clothes I own. —Adam Rawnsley, reporter

I bought into the weighted coverage hype at the end of 2020 and have become a true believer ever since. The Casper weighted blanket is soft, comfortable and keeps me warm even during this harsh winter. It quickly became my blanket of choice whether I was napping or relaxing. –Davon Singh, Creative Strategy Coordinator

Oval wall mirror with shelf

I’m very excited about this entryway thing I just bought that has enough hooks to hold my dog’s leash on one side and my masks on the other. In addition, I make sure to see my masked face in the mirror before leaving. – Mandy Velez, Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Have you ever poured yourself a hot cup of coffee in the morning, put it on your desk and completely forgot to drink it for the next hour until it was cold and unappetizing? This self-heating mug completely solves this problem. In addition, it is ideal for hot toddlers. —Matt Wilstein, Senior Editor

I’ve always been a devotee when it comes to Lululemon pants for training and casual weekend wear, but I’ve generally gone for styles designed for running like the Fast and Free Tight. When I was pregnant I wanted a comfortable pair of leggings that would stretch with me. Every Google search result has led me to articles on the Lululemon Align II pants. So I stocked up on a few pairs and these are still my favorite leggings for lounging, working from home, running to the grocery store (wearing a mask!) And doing yoga. They’re made from Lululemon’s Nulu fabric, which is matte rather than shiny like other sportswear, and really feels the way they describe it: buttery soft –Samantha Winkleman, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Growth, Autonomous Products

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