‘Daily Show’ Trevor Noah blames Rudy Giuliani for catching COVID

Trevor Noah kicked off a new week of The daily show by informing viewers that COVID-19 has “finally struck its least surprising victim to date.”

He was of course talking about Rudy Giuliani, who has spent weeks traveling the country pushing the ridiculous election fraud allegations of his client Donald Trump before testing positive for coronavirus this weekend. “Although he is suing to overturn that result.”

“The truth is Rudy only got blamed for this,” Noah said. “I mean, this guy was going all over the country refusing to wear a mask. What are you waiting for? If I lick car windshields I can’t be shocked if I get bird flu. Or if I go to drink in bars until 3 in the morning, I can’t be surprised when I come home with your mom!

But as much as Daily show viewers may have ‘schadenfreude’ about this news, Noah called Rudy’s diagnosis a ‘terrifying new development’ in the pandemic. “Because you realize that until now we didn’t even think the dead could have a corona effect.”

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