Daunte Wright had a warrant for arrest for aggravated attempted robbery after suffocating a woman, holding her at gunpoint for money

The media portrayed Wright as an innocent young father, but he was a dangerous man who threatened to shoot a woman and had an arrest warrant for him according to documents obtained by the .

documents also reveal that speculations online that Wright may not have known about the arrest warrant against him is false.

The reported:

Wright suffocated a woman and threatened to shoot her if she didn’t hand her $ 820 that she stuffed in her bra, according to documents obtained by

Wright was to be tried for aggravated attempted robbery – with a possible maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.

Prosecution documents say he and a second man, Emajay Driver, went to a house shared by two women in Osseo, Minnesota to party in December 2019. At the time, Wright was 19 years old. and Driver 18 years old.

The women asked them to leave around 2:30 a.m. on December 1, but said they had not taken a walk and that the women – who are not identified in documents – allowed them to sleep by. Earth.

In the morning, one of the women went to the bank to get her rent of $ 820 which she gave to the other woman, then left for work. As Wright, Driver, and the second woman left, Wright reportedly attempted to restrain the woman.

“ The three of them were heading for the door out of the apartment and the accused Wright turned around and blocked the door preventing the victim from , ” the report, written by the police officer of ‘Osseo, Shane Mikkelson.

“ The accused Wright then took out a black handgun with a silver edging from his right belt or right coat pocket and pointed it at the victim and demanded the rent, ” Mikkelson continued.

“The victim said, ‘Are you serious? Defendant Wright replied, “Give me the f ** king money, I know you got it.”

When the woman asked him again if he was serious, Wright reportedly replied, “ I’m not playing. ”

Mikkelson’s report said: ‘The $ 820 money was hidden in the victim’s bra and the accused Wright put his hand around the victim’s neck and strangled her while trying to remove the money from under her bra.

‘The victim was able to pull away from the accused Wright and began to kneel and scream. ”

After more screaming, Wright reportedly the woman he was going to shoot her unless he got the money.

“Give me the money and we’ll go,” he reportedly said. “Give me the money and we’ll go.

Mikkelson added: ‘Defendant Wright then attempted to suffocate the victim a second time and attempted to take his money away. Defendant Driver him to give the money to Defendant Wright.

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