David Cross echoes on Netflix for shooting Blackface episode ‘W / Bob & David’

reavid Cross spends several minutes of his last stand-up special Oh come on imagine the different ways that Donald Trump’s presidency could end.

“Will he be arrested and sent to federal prison for treason?” he asks on stage. “Or will he die from a huge coronary on a golden toilet?” Or will he be assassinated by a group of benevolent nuns? The fantasies only darken from there.

Now that this is actually happening, Cross can’t bring himself to dance the streets.

“I got a bit of shit from my wife and her friends,” the comedian tells me in this week’s episode. The last laugh Podcast. When the race was officially called for Biden on Saturday, November 7, Cross’s wife, Amber Tamblyn, joined the rest of their Brooklyn neighborhood to “go crazy and dance” outside.

“And I didn’t share that feeling,” he admits. “I was just like, you guys jump and dance to Kool and the Gang, it’s awesome,” he adds. “I will reserve it for when it is good again.”

“I’m a lot less emotional about this stuff,” Cross continues. “And I quickly got into a cooler, more practical psychology. I was like, well that’s good, it’s a step, but there are several steps to go through and it’s going to get worse before it gets better. And now comes the hard part. As “happy” as he was to see everyone celebrating, he says he’s too “skeptical and cynical” to join us.

At the same time, Cross insists he’s not one of those “completely negative, humorless, angry” progressives who say things like, “This should have been Bernie Sanders and if it wasn’t. it’s not so damn it America sucks and you are just sheep and you know Obama caged kids too.

If it seems like Cross has a lot to do, maybe it’s because, for the first time in decades, he hasn’t stepped out of the stage.

“I tried two outdoor shows suitable for COVID and it just didn’t work,” he says. “So for me, I just have to wait until I get back to those sweaty basement bars where we’re all packed in Brooklyn to get the job done.

Cross was working around a new hour of rest last winter when those bars all closed and he was forced to put everything on hold. Luckily for his fans, the work he was doing was captured for Robert Milazzo’s podcast Assembly, which closely follows the creative process of a different artist each season. In the new batch of episodes, which premiered this month, the comedians and alumni Last laugh guests – Sarah Silverman, Patton Oswalt and others analyze their friend’s long journey from improvised riffs to solid tracks.

“I was really reluctant and I think I probably even said no,” Cross says of his decision to go through this kind of scrutiny. “I mean, when you stand up and it’s over there, that material gets burnt. Unlike any other art form, you can’t repeat it. And believe me, I wish I could go out and do a fucking Eagles greatest hits tour and pocket $ 400 million.

When I point out that Jerry Seinfeld tried something along those lines, he adds, “Well, that’s just terrible.”

Now that he still can’t perform live more than eight months later, Cross says he’s missing the stand-up “almost childishly.” “I miss it because I’m not allowed to do it anymore,” he explains. “Is that stuff like, is it removed?” Well now i really miss it.

Highlights of our conversation are below and you can listen to it all right now by subscribing to The last laugh on Apple podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts.

How he thinks the Trump presidency will end

“I guess he will walk away saying it’s wrong and it’s messed up and Democrats are bad and it’s an injustice, but I’m going to go for it.” I think he’ll end up presenting it in that kind of classic Trump, I’m the victim, but what I’m doing is noble. “I reluctantly leave, but I do it for all of you. Because it’s inevitable, it’s going to happen and he obviously doesn’t want to be seen coming out of there strapped to a frog. And I think he’s just going to twist it to be the hero and the martyr. All this stuff about him in 2024 is garbage, he never will. I think a big part of it is that he’s just trying to keep raising money. He has a lot of expenses. He is going to have many billable hours at several law firms in the near future. “

All this stuff about him in 2024 is garbage, he never will. I think a big part of it is that he’s just trying to keep raising money. He has a lot of expenses. He is going to have many billable hours at several law firms in the near future.

Why he doesn’t buy George W. Bush’s rehabilitation

“He’s terrible. It takes advantage of the American concept – and that’s what I’m really skeptical about Biden – is this idea of ​​like, OK, let’s move on, let’s heal the country. I mean, this guy should be in jail and his office should be in jail. Some of them were. People have been pardoned and they are criminals. And they directly paved the way for Trump. So there is nothing he can say to do what he has done and who he is better.

How he knew he could turn it into a professional comic

“I watched these people take the stage, some were competent and some were just terrible and just the worst of humor. And I remember thinking, I can do better than that. I guess you must have this. And I don’t mean to say it sounds arrogant. It wasn’t arrogant. It made me think, OK, I can do this. Because it’s terrible and I know I can be at least more thoughtful than that. And funnier than that, or more original. And if anything, it just eased my nerves. ‘Oh, if you like it, then I can do that.’

On Netflix pulling its ‘W / Bob & David’ sketch which included a black face

“I was very surprised and disappointed. I know everyone involved has been. Netflix is ​​not into “we want to be friends with Bob and David”. Their international mission is to not disturb people and continue to get subscribers. So it’s an easy, albeit thoughtless, decision to make. They are not interested in discussing it. They have a business to run. And we were therefore only the unfortunate recipients of this purge of everything which at a distance, even in a tertiary manner, addresses this idea. So it’s all gone, he’s just gone. They cleaned up the whole episode. They didn’t even just pull out this sketch. I mean, there are three or four levels of humor. And it’s not someone who is offensive or doing it to be offensive, nor does the sketch itself try to be offensive. And that actually makes a positive statement about the black cop. I mean, it’s just thoughtless and they just said, I’m not interested in discussing what that means, just get rid of it.

Next week on The last laugh Podcast: Co-star and co-writer of Hulu’s “Happiest Season”, Mary Holland.

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