DC mayor requires COVID-19 test for travelers from 46 to 50 states – Dateway

Washington, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser announced new COVID restrictions just as the Patriots declared they would descend on the nation’s capital.

Anyone entering the state must now be tested for COVID-19, unless they are from Maryland, Virginia, Hawaii or Vermont.

Bowser’s order requires incoming people to be tested for COVID-19 up to 72 hours before entering the state, but private companies have found themselves with law enforcement.

There will be no police checkpoints to enforce the “warrant” and instead, like NBC 4 “Private institutions such as employers, universities, hotels, and places of worship can ask visitors about their recent trip and require proof of a negative COVID-19 test.”

The decree comes as Alex Jones, Owen Shroyer and others from Infowars lead thousands of Patriots in the “Stop The Steal” trailer that is to travel from Austin, Texas to Washington, DC.

The pro-Trump convoy will depart at 8 p.m. CST on Monday evening and make its first stop in Houston, Texas.

Only your patronage to our store is what keeps this beacon of truth lit in narrative controlled darkness.

From there, the group will travel through Louisiana and Mississippi before stopping in Tallahassee, Fla. On Tuesday evening.

On Wednesday morning, the trailer will head north, stopping in Atlanta, Ga., Before hitting Charlotte, NC and Virginia on Thursday.

Friday, the “Stop The Steal” trailer arrives in Washington, DC!

The next day, November 14, the Patriots will gather at the White House in what is called the “Million Maga March”.

Why would the mayor want to stop all these good Americans from voicing their First Amendment rights?

Also, where was Mayor Bowser when thousands of Democrats danced the streets after mainstream media prematurely declared Joe Biden winning the 2020 election?

Head over to for more information on the epic journey!

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