DC riot was ‘a sad day’ for Republicans in Obama-Trump counties

Andrew Caballero-Reynolds / AFP via Getty

The timing for the thugs who stormed the capital couldn’t have been worse for them. On the day the progressive nation reveled in the historic election of Georgia’s first black senator as the Democratic Party regained control of the United States Senate, rioters waved Confederate flags as others shouted “white power” at a photographer from Back documenting the chaos. Traitorous rioters stole the show from celebrating American progress with a horror show – Nightmare on Capitol Hill. America has seen a portrayal of Trumpism that has forced some of the president’s pious loyalists, like Lindsay Graham and Kelly Loeffler, to run for cover and withdraw from their senseless objections to the Electoral College vote.

On Thursday, Wayne Ridge, a Republican County Commissioner in Eaton County in Michigan, began watching a show about pirates. “I stopped looking at the news,” he says. “From my perspective, you know, we lost the election, and then we lost the Senate as well. It’s depressing. I got information over the phone about people from Antifa in the Capitol building. “

“Do you really believe that?” I asked him.

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