Dead Parkland student brought back to life in fake anti-gun ad – Dateway

A student who died in the 2018 Parkland School shooting has been brought back to life, appearing in a new voter turnout ad produced by a gun control group.

In the bizarre Change the Ref anti-gun commercial, the parents of 17-year-old Joaquin Oliver feature a video in which their son, nicknamed “Guac,” is digitally recreated with fake technology.

Guac goes on to tell people to come out and vote on his behalf for pro-gun control candidates – politicians who are generally Liberal Democrats.

“Yo, it’s me – it’s Guac,” says the CGI animation.

“I have been gone for two years and nothing has changed, my brother. People are still being killed by guns. Everyone knows it, but they don’t do anything. I’m tired of waiting for someone to fix it, ”said the deceased student.

“The November election is the first I could have voted in, but I will never be able to choose the kind of world I wanted to live in, so you have to replace my vote. … Vote for politicians who care more about people’s lives than the money from the gun lobby. Vote for the people who don’t get shot, brother. Vote for me, because I cannot. We have to keep fighting and we have to put an end to this.

On YouTube, critics dismissed the video 10 to 1, with users dismayed that the gun control group would use the dead student as a political prop.


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