Deceivers set up elaborate traps to catch people stealing their pro-Trump signs

Threats to tarnish or steal the Trump campaign signs, both real and fictitious, have come to occupy a deep place in the right-wing imagination during this election cycle.

For some, the solution of choice for protecting panels from thieves has been traps. A Michigan city employee, for example, opened his hand after trying to move an illegally placed Trump sign that had been secretly fitted with razor blades. Earlier this month, a bomb squad from Maryland was called in to check on the wires attached to a Trump sign. The wires turned out to be a sort of makeshift alarm meant to deter thieves.

But for a locally known group of Facebook live broadcasters in Arizona, the solution to tackling sign thieves is to squat for hours at a time in the bushes, hoping to catch a sign bandit in action. The plan worked perfectly – if they don’t end up in jail for their own offenses first.

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