Deep state threat? Governor Kemp’s daughter boyfriend killed in explosive, flaming wreck e! News uk

A staff member and close family friend of Georgia Governor Brian Kemp died in a tragic car crash Friday morning, hours after the governor called for a signature audit of the 2020 electoral votes.

Local media reported that Harrison Deal, 20, assistant to Senator Kelly Loeffler, former intern to Senator David Perdue and boyfriend of Kemp’s daughter Lucy, was the only person to die in a fiery three-car wreck on the I -16. in Pooler.

See images of the flaming wreckage below:

Witnesses reportedly heard explosions from the accident more than a kilometer away.

Photos show that Deal’s vehicle was mutilated and burnt.

The cause of the wreckage is still under investigation, according to the New York Post:

“The investigation is ongoing and may take some time,” said Pooler police spokeswoman Lindsey Heintzman, who initially said on Saturday that the investigation could last more than a month, without giving more than details.

Deal worked as regional manager for Loeffler in Athens.

His untimely death prevented Governor Kemp from attending Trump’s rallies on Friday and Saturday.

Trump also expressed his condolences for Deal during his rally in Georgia on Saturday.

Deal posted a tribute to Governor Kemp on his Facebook page two days before his death.

Kemp posted this message a few minutes before Deal’s fatal crash:

After Deal’s death, many social networks wondered if there could be a dark pattern behind the wreckage.

Deal’s death came just hours after Kemp again called on Georgia’s secretary of state to conduct a signature audit of the state’s ballots.

However, the Washington post Trump reported on Saturday via an anonymous source that Trump called Kemp that morning to urge him to call a special legislative session to demand a signature audit, which the governor reportedly refused.

Could the explosive wreckage of Deal have been a mere tragic coincidence or a timely threat from the Deep State?

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More and more evidence of electoral fraud as a poll worker is captured by the camera scanning the ballots multiple times.

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