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President Trump on Saturday denounced the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) 2021 on Twitter, highlighting the wording of the allowing the “renaming and even desecration of national monuments.”

“This is not what our wants,” tweeted the president, who previously threatened to veto the $ 740.5 billion spending if the provisions requiring what has been termed ” historic vandalism ”remain intact.

According to poll data, 56% of Americans are opposed to the idea.

Under the 4,517-page , the Department of Defense would be required to establish a commission to “remove all names, symbols, exhibits, monuments and accessories that honor or commemorate the Confederate States of .” The commission would have 3 years to complete the name change and deletion .

President Trump has openly declared himself against the removal of American monuments, an effort led by the radical left and adopted by the main Democrats, as well as a number of establishment Republicans. Over the summer, as the Black Lives Matter riots toppled statues of Confederate and Union heroes, ’s Founding Fathers, and even Jesus Christ, the Republican-controlled Senate voted in in favor of NDAA provisions requiring the renaming of 10 military installations bearing the names of Confederates. military leaders.

The move prompted President Trump to threaten a veto over the finalized version of the – if it were still to include the renaming provision – with the White House listing the renaming of military bases among a group of “serious concerns ”about the in an official statement on the issue.

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“Nevertheless, HR 6395 includes several provisions which present serious concerns. Among others
important provisions, the Administration strongly opposes section 2829, which would require
name change of some military institutions

Additionally, the bill blocks a reduction in US troops stationed in Germany, a staple of President Trump’s first US agenda, and a response to the ’s refusal to contribute its fair share to NATO.

President Trump has been pushing for Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act to be removed in NDAA 2021. CDA 230 offers liability guarantees to big tech companies, including Facebook and Twitter, that keep them out of business. be responsible for the written statements of their users.

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