Democracy ‘under siege’ as Biden ‘improperly rushed’ to claim victory: Alan Jones

Democracy as it was once known is ‘under siege’ as anyone who dares to suggest that Joe Biden may not have won the US election fairly runs the risk of significant punitive sanctions, according to Sky News host Alan Jones . “We call America the leader of the free world, but if freedom means anything, it means the right to tell people what they maybe don’t want to hear,” Mr. Jones said. “Yet now anyone who dares to suggest that Biden may not have won this election runs the risk of significant punitive penalties.” Mr Jones referred to a press conference in Philadelphia in which Rudolph Giuliani said: “Trump is not going to concede when at least 600,000 ballots are in question.” “Because they were counted without any scrutineer observing them to make sure they were legitimate,” Giuliani said. Mr Jones said Mr Giuliani would file a complaint on behalf of Donald Trump for “violation of civil rights, conduct of unfair elections and violation of state law”. “450,000 ballots were removed from their envelopes and ‘validated’ but without any Republican comment,” Giuliani said. Mr. Jones noted that “the reality of this event is not without precedent”. “Well, can we ask why the unseemly rush now for Biden to declare victory like he did last Saturday?” he said. “I don’t imagine the Trump team playing cards with each other, their silence is a measure of serious homework being done – and that’s what I understand; voter fraud is not unheard of in America. “This election is reduced to around 120,000 votes out of the nearly 150 million that were cast. “The honest media would investigate all of this rather than pretend it is a conspiracy.” .

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