Democratic panel recommends PERMANENT military ‘rapid reaction force’ for Capitol – Dateway

Democrat-appointed ‘ force’ released report recommending that a permanent security force be stationed around Capitol Hill.

The force, by Lt. Gen. (retired) Russel L. Honoré, reported to Nancy Pelosi, suggesting that a “rapid force” be formed and put on hold in addition to the Capitol Police. .

The report notes that DC is “a high-value target for foreign terrorists or domestic extremists, but it does not have a dedicated QRF for crisis response.”

He adds, “The USCP is counting on the increase of other civilian law enforcement agencies for emergency support, but we recommend the establishment of a robust and dedicated QRF, not only for the USCP, but to serve the nation’s capital as a whole.

Elsewhere in the report, it is stressed that the presence of the National Guard on Capitol Hill should only be a temporary measure and “not a permanent solution”.

Specifically, the report suggests three forms of occupation in Washington.

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First, “a QRF of existing law enforcement entities with the appropriate legal authorities and appropriations to staff, train and equip such a force.”

Second, “a QRF under the command of the DC National Guard. This could be done by mobilizing police from elements of the Guard across the United States on rotations of three to six months.

Third, “a QRF which resides permanently within the DC Guard by re-establishing a police battalion and providing it with reserve troops of the active guard”.

In all three scenarios, a standing -style force would reside in the nation’s capital.

As conservatives like Tucker Carlson have warned, the troops are not leaving, they are there to “support the regime”.

Since January 6, phantom threats, including threats such as “QAnon Inauguration Day,” have been continually touted to maintain the martial law-style lockdown of Capitol Hill.

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