Democrats across the US finally expire – for now

The bells of the churches of Paris rang for hours. A two-mile caravan of flag-bearing vehicles in Phoenix drove him to the county election office headquarters in furious protest. Dozens of people in the nation’s capital marched a gigantic inflatable rat dressed in an oversized suit and red tie to the White House, singing the Steam chorus “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye.”

In the days after the election, former Vice President Joe Biden pushed Americans to come together, regardless of how they voted or who won. But after four days of unbearable national tension, the hours following Biden’s final declaration in this year’s presidential election sparked a worldwide manifestation of jubilation and terror, elation and challenge.

However, the past four years of pent-up exhaustion, rage and sadness for a catharsis-seeking Democratic Party after their devastating defeat in 2016 weighed heavily on the last four days of tension.

The defeat of President Donald Trump in 2020 may not have been clear cut. But for many – especially his favorite movies – it was no less sweet.

“It’s glorious,” said Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN), the MP for Minneapolis whom Trump has attacked frequently and violently, even while yelling last year that she should “return” to Somalia, the country. in which she was born. I feel like it’s really great to see him defeated, ”Omar told The Daily Beast. “Every person and community he fought with came back to bite him in the end.

Indeed, across the country in Philadelphia – which Trump says is the place where “bad things happen” – residents were jubilant in the streets, after the city’s votes propelled Biden to victory in Pennsylvania which placed it above the Electoral College tally on Saturday. .

Like Omar, Rep. Dwight Evans (D-PA) was driving around his town, watching a scene he compared to July 4th. “He’s always been humiliating,” Evans said of Trump, referring to the president’s attacks on Philadelphia and his campaign’s alarmist alarm about the end of the suburbs.

“I’ll tell you something, the black community just stayed focused and disciplined,” Evans told The Daily Beast. “This is where America started, this is where America is saved.”

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