Democrats Quickly Learn Why Being In Power Can Suck

It seems so simple: Kamala Harris must simply ignore the parliamentarian’s decision that the increase in the minimum wage has no in the COVID relief bill, and just like that, the increase in the minimum wage is product. So why aren’t these thoughtless Senate – and the Senate is dealing with the bill this week – not doing it?

Because it’s not that simple. Legislating is not easy. It is really difficult, slow and tedious. But what about Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson, you ask? They were daring, not like those shy corporate ninnies today! Bullshit. Roosevelt and Johnson had Democratic majorities that don’t exist now and will never exist again. And even they made heaps of compromises.

I want a minimum wage of $ 15 – at least. I want a green jobs bill. I want much higher taxes for the rich. I also want the Senate to remove or at least radically change the filibuster, as I have been writing for years. And so on. And progressives in Congress are right to push for these things. But it’s important not to be delusional that any of these things are easy. These things are difficult. The Senate is an essentially reactionary institution. Progress will be piecemeal. The chances of a final victory will actually be higher if everyone understands this.

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