Democrats’ tunnel vision will be their fate – Dateway

Prepare to enter the Echo Chamber and find out what happened on the Capitol on January 6.

For the most part, the proceedings attempted to investigate allegations based on the Democrat’s perception of what had happened by spinning lies.

For the record, the Proud Boys are not an anti-Semitic white supremacist organization.

But just like the Charlottesville hoax, the deception of immigrant children in cages, the mock indictment of Donald Trump, the presidential debacle or the many cover-ups from the Biden Crime family, most of the Democrats do. was based on alarmist fiction and gas fires.

Meanwhile, there is still no schedule regarding the opening of Capitol Park to the .

But there is a lot of talk about fortified plans to install emergency fencing and install bulletproof glass on the 221-year-old building.

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Meanwhile, fortresses are being built to protect the continued madness of the left-wing mob, as the New York reports, “The courthouse where ex-cop Derek Chauvin will stand trial for murder on the death of Floyd is being transformed into a real fortress. Hennepin County District Court, where jury selection is due to begin on March 8, is surrounded by concrete barriers, security fencing and barbed wire – and an enhanced security presence that will include the National Guard.

You want security, it’s simple, listen to the American people.

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And so you will believe it!

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