Dennis Prager: “There is no example of the left having power and not repressing speech

Dennis prager is a bestselling author, columnist and host of nationally broadcast radio shows based in Los Angeles and heard on 150 stations across the country. Prager is the founder of Prager University, a platform that records over a billion video views each year.

Dennis Prager sued YouTube in 2018 for preventing young viewers from seeing many of his educational videos.

Dennis Prager: There is no example of the left – not the liberals, they value freedom of speech – no example of the left having power and not suppressing speech. There is no such thing. The left does not value freedom of expression because freedom of expression is its terrible enemy. If people can really say what’s wrong with the left, it crumbles… I think we can predict that there will be more and more repression. If you read a brief summary of the Reichstag fire in Germany in 1933. The German parliament was set on fire a month after Hitler came to power. He used the fire of the Reichtag to start killing the Communists. What we have now, and I don’t call them Nazis, I call them totalitarians, the use of an event to suppress freedom.

Via FOX and Friends Weekend:

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