Deployment of COVID vaccine in France is proceeding so slowly that it will take 3,000 years

PARIS – More than a week after the launch of the French COVID-19 vaccination campaign, only a few thousand people across the country have received their first injection, with President Emmanuel Macron’s vaccination strategy widely criticized for being imperfect, too slow and bow to anti -vaxxers.

Only 516 people in France had received their first dose of vaccine as of January 1, according to the independent site Covid Tracker, compared to 114,000 in Italy, 238,000 in Germany and more than one million people in the United Kingdom. 5,000 ”, but the Ministry of Health has not yet confirmed the exact number. If the objective of deploying French vaccines of one million vaccinations at the end of January is to be reached, 36,000 injections must be performed each day.

In interviews with The Daily Beast, French doctors criticized the country’s approach to vaccine deployment, highlighting “poorly judged” political decisions, lack of information communicated to health workers and lack of preparedness .

As a first step, the French strategy was to prioritize vulnerable groups in nursing homes, providing for a two-week process for carrying out each vaccination, including a medical consultation, patient approval and injection. -even. However, slow adoption and reports of large numbers of home patients refusing the vaccine forced a change of plan.

As of Monday, the recommended period for vaccination has been reduced to one week and the focus has changed, with doctors, nurses and caregivers over the age of 50 now able to volunteer to be vaccinated immediately. The city’s vaccination centers are expected to open before the start of February.

Nathan Peiffer-Smadja, an infection specialist at Bichat hospital in Paris, criticized the decision to start vaccination in retirement homes. “It was too complicated, it shouldn’t have started there,” he said. “If anything the [slow pace of the] strategy encouraged anti-vaxxers. Medically and scientifically, there is no reason for this to be done slowly. On the contrary, it must be done as quickly as possible. “

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