Derek Chauvin lets George Floyd die ‘one breath at a time’, prosecutors say

MINNEAPOLIS – George Floyd “died one breath at a time” as former Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin pressed his knee to his neck for nearly 10 minutes, dozens of requests for help from the 46-year-old man, prosecutors said Monday.

“You can believe your eyes that this is homicide. It’s murder. You can believe your eyes, ”Special Prosecutor Jerry Blackwell said during opening statements in the highly anticipated Chauvin murder trial.

Less than a year after a video of Floyd’s fatal arrest on May 25 for a fake $ 20 bill went , sparking nationwide protests, prosecutors argued in a courtroom. Hennepin County hearing that Chauvin had “betrayed” his badge during the bust.

“He put his knee on his neck and back, squeaking and crushing him to the very breath, not ladies and gentlemen until his very life was kicked out,” Blackwell said.

The ex-officer knelt on Floyd for a total of “9 minutes and 29 seconds,” prosecutors said, while Floyd yelled he couldn’t breathe 27 times before losing consciousness.

“This case is not about split-second decision making,” argued Blackwell. “You will see, at the same time, while he is shouting, Mr. Chauvin never moves. The knee remains on his neck, the sunglasses remain intact on his head. And it continues.

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