Desus and Mero mock Melania for letting Trump ‘broken’ give her coronavirus

Sunday night, Desus and Mero, the game’s most underrated late-night hosts, opened their show with a laugh.

“Trump got this’ rona!” exclaimed Kid Mero.

The duo then explained to their audience how President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump caught the novel coronavirus this week – and after The New York Times revealed that Trump was not only financially underwater and a total fraud, but paid a measly $ 750 a year in federal income tax his first two years in office. (Trump is currently fighting the virus at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, requiring supplemental oxygen and steroids, while Melania is reportedly only experiencing minor symptoms.)

Wowww. How did you let a broke boy give you COVID? She’s having a terrible week! rang the bell at Desus Nice, adding, “All of his tasks are eating Filet-O-Fish and tweeting, so I mean he could still do that with COVID.” (A former assistant to Melania also dropped the audio for his mocking Christmas last week.)

Showtime’s late-night crew went on to explain how Trump leaned so low that he went to Fox News and suggested that law enforcement and military personnel gave the coronavirus to Hope Hicks, saying: ‘It’s very, very difficult when you’re with people from the military or law enforcement and they want to come to you, they want to hug you and they want you hug, because we really did a good job for them. And you get closer, and things happen.

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