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A Republican polling worker who managed to overtake election workers, who kidnapped nearly 30 Republican polling station workers from the counting room at a Detroit counting center, revealed that they did not want not that anyone sees was seemingly obvious voter fraud.

Patty McMurray, a veteran poll worker for nine years, said what she saw in the Detroit counting room was simply criminal and, if the law remedied it, could drastically reduce the number of votes cast. Detroit gleaned for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

The blatant fraud occurred at the time of the military vote count.

Just before the group began counting military ballots – which are sent out via the US Postal Service, Republican poll observers left the counting room after each deal to take a quick break. When they returned to enter the room, they were refused entry.

McMurray was able to make her way into the room for a brief period where she witnessed voter fraud. The ballot counters would take Xerox copies of the envelopes and transfer the unofficial voting information from the Xerox copies onto a legitimate ballot to feed them into the machine.

“Our GOP employees were locked outside and could not enter. So they started the military vote with only 40 of us inside and there were 134 tables. They knew we couldn’t monitor the ballots and that’s why they kicked us out, ”McMurray said. “They locked down the GOP workers so we couldn’t monitor the military ballots.”

“Once we started counting the military ballots, I understood why they had kicked us out,” McMurray continued. “They started opening the ballots and the ballots are in regular envelopes, right. They are addressed to the City of Detroit Overseas Clerk, many of them. And so they would open the ballots and in almost every case it was a Xerox copy of a ballot and the ballots looked a lot alike every time they opened them which is really to me. strange because something else that is really strange to me, every ballot. without exception, at the table where I worked in the military there was an unregistered voter and without exception they voted for a pure democrat or at least for… Joe Biden and Gary Peters.

McMurray, who is active with the group 100% fed up, then described how she saw a pickup truck, a Ferrari and a Chrysler 300 arrive the night before, all with out-of-state license plates, depositing boxes on ballot boxes.

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The Trump campaign currently has litigation alleging ballot forgery and voter fraud in Michigan, as well as Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Arizona. North Carolina is still a trendy state despite the president leading the way. Wisconsin must run a mandatory recount.

Elections in the United States are not called by the news media, much like FOX News, the AP, and NBC News did, racking the American public in a time of extreme emotion. U.S. Elections are the certified vote tally provided by election authorities in the 50 prohibited states and territories.

To that end, there is no official winner in the 2020 general election for the President and Vice President of the United States.

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