DHS Announces First-Ever Human Trafficking Command Center – Journalists’ Crickets! – Dateway

The Department of Homeland Security has announced the opening of the DHS Center for Countering Human Trafficking, the first-ever government operations center dedicated solely to law enforcement operations relating to human trafficking.

Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf announced Tuesday that the center, which has been in operation since last month, combines the resources of Immigration and Customs (ICE) with other components of DHS to execute the “4 Ps”. »Of the centre’s mission: prevention, protection, prosecution and partnerships.

“Human trafficking is modern slavery. There’s no other way to say it, ”Wolf said at a press conference.

“Words are strong because actions are bad. The forms of exploitation, sex trafficking, forced labor and domestic servitude that constitute human trafficking are in every way contrary to the principles of human dignity dear to Americans.

“The launch of this Anti-Human Trafficking Center represents President Trump’s investment of resources, attention and time to combat and dismantle all forms of human trafficking.”

Remarkably, when the time came for question and answer in the media following Wolf’s historic announcement, no reporter offered a single question about the new command center or its mission.

Isn’t the creation of a command center for a vast government initiative to combat trafficking in human beings a topical issue?

The media doesn’t seem to think so – probably because the Trump administration is responsible for it.

Owen reminds the public that must be the media that are involved in what is happening among pedophiles, as the media is barely covering this surge in arrests and it looks very suspicious on the media and the left at this point.

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