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Yesterday, National File published several pages of what our whistleblower identified as the 2019 diary of Ashley Blazer Biden, the 39-year-old daughter of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. The diary was started during the author’s visit to a drug rehab facility in Florida in January 2019 and details his nearly year-long struggle with cocaine and other drug abuse.

In the first diary entry, dated January 25, 2019, the author wrote about his hopes for the future. “I’m also trying to sort out my life – what do I want and what I need,” she wrote, “focused on myself this time around, but like a child with Aspergers [sic] unstable in change!

“I obviously don’t know what the future holds, but I also don’t know where I will be – but I would like to stay sober – while undoing – like an Aspergers child!”

In an entry on page 3, dated January 26, 2019, the author described his recent drug use as “a relapse that I may have needed.”

She also noted that a person named Lisa told her that relapsing was “just part of your journey”, “and the author agreed with that sentiment.

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On the next page of the diary is an undated set of goals to be achieved by January 2020. Writing in January 2019, a year from now, the author hoped he had “been sober from C + hard for a year,” having a paid job, and being divorced from her husband, among other goals.

The following 64 pages detail the time spent by the author in a rehabilitation center, mainly in relation to romantic partners whom she met while recovering.

However, after leaving the establishment, the author unfortunately did not take long to relapse again.

A diary entry dated March 16, 2019 begins: “I relapsed. F ** king again. Madness is the definition. Always hoping that it will be different and it never will be. Stuck in this cycle of “fuck my face, repeat”.

The following pages detail her disappointment at the relapse and explain that her parents, whom our source identified as Joe and Jill Biden, and the new boyfriend she met at the Florida facility, were both supportive.

“The difference this time is that I told Elizabeth, mom and dad about it this morning. Mom and Dad are worried but incredibly supportive, ”she wrote. “E was also very supportive. He asked if he could come and stay with me for the next few days – the timing is wrong and not right, but it is a gentle gesture.

Unfortunately, it seems that this recovery was also short-lived. After several days in late March and early April with no entries, April 7, 2019 is a cryptic entry in which the author simply wrote “I’m pretty sure I’ll get there.”

The following entry, dated April 8, 2019, reveals that the author had “spent 4 days without one and 3 days without the other”.

Again tragically, the following entry does not reflect the recovery.

Wrongly dated July 28, 2019, but probably written on or around May 28 or June 28, 2019, the article appears to reveal that the author has spent the last few months abusing drugs.

“OK baby, it’s time to get up,” it starts. “I call all the troops and I crouch for 3 days.”

“I am completely ready, ready and in shape to lead this battle at full speed,” the author wrote. “You have no choice. You will begin to work on the program – following all the recommendations to a T.”

An entry on the following page appears to suggest that the author spent at least a few days without substance abuse, and suggests that the previous entry was written in May or June.

In the next few entries, the author repeatedly states his hopes for his life and lists the many tragic consequences of drug abuse, especially cocaine abuse.

“Accessibility + the configuration of tomorrow allows me to participate, but at what cost for me? What does this do for you? You end up with the following, ”the author wrote.

“Red nose, scabbed and f ** ked-up, tired lethargic, brooding, not thinking clearly, demotivated and sad, isolated / ashamed.”

Ashley Biden’s brother Hunter was sadly kicked out of the Navy due to crack abuse, and a photo of Hunter Biden with a crack pipe in his mouth was recently posted by the New York Post.

Unfortunately, the author soon appeared to relapse again. On page 87, in an entry dated July 30, 2019, the author wrote “Today is the day – 101 – this is my plan today.”

“Yesterday was an overwhelming urge in my body,” she wrote. “What I realize is that accessing any of them – touching the emotions – kindles the fire,” she added. “So – this is the only way to get rid of all Contacts. “

In a particularly heartbreaking stream of conscious entry that is not dated, the author reveals that she has been lying to her family about drug addiction and addiction since the age of 13.

“Starting to lie about addiction from age 13», Wrote the author. “Lied to: mom, dad, Howard, kids / entire family.” Howard is the name of Ashley Biden’s husband.

This latest dedication to recovery appears to have lasted until about August 1, when an entry reveals that the author apparently relapsed again, even as she prepared to leave Florida to work for Joe Biden’s presidential campaign. in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

“I love Miami but I think it’s time to come home and work on the campaign. Headquarters in Philadelphia, ”she wrote, before continuing on the subject of drug addiction. “It’s about the predictability of addiction. Want, want, need, have to have – all of these are very normal and part of the disease. The only way to stop this salvation is to sustain and by sustaining over time this feeling goes into remission.

Sadly, perhaps reeling from the stress of moving to Philadelphia and working for the Biden campaign, the author reveals she used it again in the next diary entry, dated August 4, 2019.

“And again. This is unlike anything I’ve seen before. The hardness is on another level,” she wrote. “Is it really going to be that? Because you can’t afford it. “Your appearance and health are at risk. It’s only getting worse.”

This guilt, again, did not last, as an entry from August 12, 2019 seems to suggest the author is using it again.

“Really. That was it! It was a wave of emotions – ups and downs.”

In the next entry, dated August 14, 2019, the author wrote: “This is when I’m overwhelmed – I tend to want to ‘escape’ and / or shut down. The feeling crept in and made me want to “run” and smoke. “

This, again, did not last and it seemed that another visit to a rehabilitation center would become necessary. In a diary entry dated September 3, 2019, the author wrote: “This is going to ruin your whole life.”

In an entry dated September 4, 2019, the author revealed that it was his second day at another facility.

“Day two – now on the unit. All the women are lovely and the staff were wonderful.

The author then wrote on the then upcoming presidential debate, and wrote about the guilt she felt about “what I put on / stressed out that I just did to my father.”

“The idea of ​​being 100% sober appeals to me but foreign. My life is sober – what is it like?

The following entries reveal that the author intended to “delete” the diary after they were released from the rehabilitation center.

At one point in the diary, as National File reported, the author hypothesized that childhood sexual abuse was the reason for his increased libido and desire to use drugs:

“Was I molested. I think so – I don’t remember the details, but I do remember a trauma, ”the author wrote, before listing a series of potential incidents, one of which may have included D’s cousin. ‘Ashley Biden, Caroline Biden, as the author says she remembers sexualized’ alongside someone named ‘Caroline’.

The author then wrote that she recalled “showers with my dad” which were “probably not appropriate”.

National File has a full copy of the diary that our source identified as belonging to Ashley Biden. Our source, a whistleblower from another media organization, has a recording of Ashley Biden confirming that the diary was written by her. Additionally, our whistleblower employed a handwriting analyst who confirmed that the handwriting was genuine.

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