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A tweet posted by Chanel Rion, chief White House correspondent for One America News Network, claims that Hunter Biden’s laptop hard drive contained “minor obsessions.”

“I just saw for myself a look behind the scenes of the Hunter Biden HDD: Drugs, minor obsessions, power deals… ”she wrote“ Druggie Hunter gives Anthony Weiner a normal selfie addiction. Biden Crime Family has a lot of excuses to make. The same goes for Big Tech. “

Also possibly referring to “minor” content, Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani told Steve Bannon on War room pandemic a podcast Wednesday indicating that the hard drive contains “sensitive items.”

“What we have in our possession contains 1,000, perhaps more, photographs which are highly, highly – from grossly inappropriate to illegal – and must be possessed by the Chinese government,” Giuliani said.

Only part of the hard drive data has been released so far, so an even bigger October surprise could await the Democratic Party.

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If there is any “minor” material on the hard drive that allegedly belonged to Hunter, the FBI will also need to answer a few questions.

According to the computer repairman who obtained the laptop, “The FBI first made a forensic copy of the laptop, then came back a few weeks later with a subpoena and confiscated it. “.

However, the agency was unaware that the repairman also made a copy in case something suspicious happened.

ZeroHedge reports: “After he stopped hearing from the FBI, Isaac said he contacted several members of Congress, who did not respond, at which point his intermediary contacted Rudy Giuliani’s attorney, Robert Costello.

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